Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daily DVD

I love Amadeus so much that I look forward to watching it repeatedly, and I do watch it at least once a year. One of my favorite moments (and there are several) is the oboe solo during the Serenade for Thirteen Wind Instruments, when Mozart is trying to get it on with Constanze and they start his music without him. Perhaps it's because I used to play the oboe, or perhaps it's just because it's such a great scene and sets up the rest of the film so well, I don't know, but it's just such a haunting piece - juxtaposed with the bawdiness of their exchange - I just adore it.

We've already gone over my love for period pieces in the Age of Innocence post. I don't love a film just because it is a period piece, but I am a strong supporter of very good ones. An ex-boyfriend once said I have impeccable taste when it comes to those types of movies, and I still take that as a compliment. Amadeus is much more than a p.p., obviously. It's much more than a historical biography or classical music showpiece. It truly is a gorgeous piece of art, and anyone who has never had the pleasure of watching this film needs to go out and purchase the dvd immediately. I guarantee it's worth a purchase, not just a rental. And make sure your surround sound is ready to go - it will need to be on 11.

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